myUSO User Guide

Introduction to myUSO

Introduction to myUSO

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Introduction to myUSO

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The myUSO website is designed to allow teachers in all schools using USO authentication to create and manage sets of links and bookmarks for their pupils to use.

The website allows teachers to configure a customised bookmarks page for their pupils. These bookmarks make it easy for pupils to access links to the relevant educational resources used in your school.

It also provides a communication platform for staff in the form of a School Wall - a web page where staff can post messages for all staff members to see.

To use the website you will need to go to and log in.


Logging in

Because this website is designed to present a tailored view to each user, you must log in before any content can become visible.

Log in with your usual USO credentials.


The page will now display your name at the top and a selection of links to various web-based resources which are relevant to you.


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