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Creating personal myUSO links

Creating personal myUSO links

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Creating personal myUSO links

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Every person (staff or pupil) logging in to the website has the ability to create a set of personal bookmarks that will be visible only to that person.

In addition to any other tabs which might be visible upon logging in, everyone has a tab titled My Links.

To create a set of personal bookmarks, select the My Links tab and use the available options.


Creating links

To create your own links click the New link button.

This will create a new untitled link. You will now need to configure this link by naming it and entering the address for the site it should link to.

Hover your mouse over the untitled link (without clicking on it).

A popup will appear.


Enter a name for your link.

Enter the URL (web address) for the link.


As soon as you move your mouse away from the popup it disappears and the details you have entered will be saved.


To go to the link location simply click on the link.


To delete any of the links you create, simply hover your mouse until the popup appears and click on the red Delete link.


Please be aware that while it is possible to create links to internal locations on your school's network you will need to enter the IP address of that location and NOT a URL. You may need to contact your network administrator to obtain the details.


Creating folders

Links can also be grouped in folders.

To create a folder click on the New folder button.


The new folder will be created as Untitled.


To name the folder, hover your mouse over it until the popup appears.

Enter a name. Move your mouse away from the popup to make it disappear.


To place links inside a folder, create the links first as described above, then use your mouse to drag them into the required folder.

First, click on the plus symbol (+) to the left of the folder in order to open it.

Select a link by left-clicking on it and without releasing the mouse button and drag the item into the folder in which you wish to place it.


To delete a folder, simply hover your mouse over the folder name.

When the popup appears click Delete. Please be aware that deleting a folder will also delete all the links inside it.


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