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Changing PIN codes

Changing PIN codes

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Changing PIN codes

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Activating the Early Years login system will produce a PIN code that pupils can use instead of a password to log in to myUSO and relevant LGfL learning resources.

The PIN codes are enabled and created automatically after the Headteacher agrees to the declaration. However, for this to work successfully, the relevant data must also be exported from your MIS as described here.

The ability to change a pupil's PIN code is available to their class teacher and any Nominated Contact in the school. However, if a school is not exporting class-teacher relationship data via USO-AutoUpdate, then PIN code changes can be performed only by Nominated Contacts.


How to change a pupil's PIN code

The default PIN for each pupil is a 4-digit code derived from their birthday in DDMM format. It is advised that this should be changed to a different, longer number (for all pupils but particularly for the older years) to improve the security of their USO accounts.

PIN codes can be from 4 to 10 digits and long and longer PIN codes are advised to help enhance security.

To change a PIN code, log in to the USO support site and go to User Accounts >> Early Years logins (

Class teachers will only be able to change the PINs of pupils in their linked classes

Nominated Contacts are able to change the PIN of any pupil in the school.

Please note that it is not possible to look up a PIN code. If a pupil forgets their code you can simply create a new one for them.

The page view will resemble the illustration below.

The pupils shown in the list will be determined by the class which is shown in the menu.

To change a PIN click on Change PIN.

A text box will open towards the bottom of your screen (you may need to scroll down to see it).

Enter a new code and click the Update button to save.

You will then see a confirmation that this has been done.

The pupil will be able to use the new code as soon as it is saved.

The list of pupils will then show whose PIN codes are still the default ones they were provided with and whose have been changed.


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